7 Sticky Pounds

That’s all I have left of my baby weight from Kobi… 7 sticky won’t leave pounds! I’m trying not to be so hard on myself but I’m just not happy about how I look… Maybe because all of those seven pounds are in my gut… And there’s not enough time or budget at this moment that would let me compensate my new sillouhette with new clothes. I received some new to me pieces and they have worked wonderfully and then some of them are like what were you thinking… They just aren’t flattering… Like at all, I mean they could be with expensive undergarments on that sucked and tucked but I don’t want to wear those on a daily basis… I mean who does… How do they breath, eat, survive after using the restroom? 

So instead I’m going to start consistently working out again and incorporating more cardio into my workouts… I’m gonna continue drinking water but up my amounts and lay off the sugars during the week accept in my coffee which isn’t every day anyway and I’m going to continue to eat healthier and of course lift weights when I can.

 I know that as I get older shedding pounds gets harder so if I get into a routine now maybe by next summer (my birthday) I’ll be where I want to be weight wise and be living a healthier lifestyle all together!  It’s gonna take some dedication and some early mornings but it’s gonna be worth it in the end when I can wear whatever I want and not worry about any extra anything sticking out anywhere!

What are some of your favorite workouts?

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