Kobi is right where she is suppose to be!

Today we had Kobi’s developmental NICU followup appointment in Nashville and I didn’t really know what to expect. But they weighed her and measured her and ran some tests. Now before I tell you what they said I have always thought that besides her weight Kobi was where she was suppose to be development wise. I don’t know if people just agreed with me because I’m her mom or if they really believed it… So technically Kobi is 3 months and 28 days old adjusted age so that’s what they were testing her skills at. 

Kobi was above average for her adjusted age and well within the average range for her chronological age, which means Kobi is exactly where she is suppose to be! The doctor said it had everything to do with how well William and I work with her but I know that our work is only a portion of the answer because the bigger part of why Kobi is doing so well is because God is a miracle worker and has kept and made sure Kobi was good every step of the way! 

He has made this little girl strong and smart and beautiful and kind and patient and joyful! He speaks to her and the Holy Spirit teaches her because we invite Him into our lives and give Him access to the things He needs in order to work and Kobi is no different. Every night we pray for her and ask the Lord to continue to speak to her, teach her and strengthen her and He has done just that and more! 

Kobi won’t have her next appointment for another six months and if she is doing well then her next appointment won’t be until she’s two! We are already praying and believing that Kobi will stay on course and continue to improve at the rate she is suppose to be at! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! And when I buy more storage (it costs $100) I will upload the pictures we took of her from this visit!

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