Interview Followup

You guys, there is nothing more nerve wrecking than trying to wait the appropriate amount of time to follow up after an interview, especially when you know you did so well on said interview! Last Wednesday I interviewed for a job that I wanted more than any other job I’ve ever applied for and I had the confidence to show for it (which never happens)!! I just knew that every single thing that I had ever done could be used as an asset for the particular job and I mean who wouldn’t want to play up their strengths and do things they are good at?

So anyway I sent out my thank you cards the next day and waited in anticipation for them to arrive. After a few days I started to doubt if they got them because I didn’t include a return address and it was going to a state building but I said a prayer and hoped for the best.

 Yesterday made just over a week since my interview and I decided that I was going to send an email. I prayed about what I needed to say which included sending a few more references and asking about the thank you cards and pressed send. A few hours later I got a reply that said they had received my cards and that they were still looking to contact my references but once they did they would give me a call. 

Just a few hours later (after one of my references had contacted me and told me she talked to them) they gave me a call to chat and ended up offering me the position! They said that with all my background they were all so excited after the interview and we’re hoping that I would accept the offer! 

So here I am, getting ready to start working in Nashville for the Department of Education where I will be able to actually put my communications degree to use as well as do what I do best which is admin work with a heavy side of event planning! Y’all I am so ecstatic and I know that this is all a part of God’s plan for my life! I know full well that I am walking in my destiny and am one step closer to accomplishing the goals my husband and I have set for our family!! 

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