How do you relax?

You would think it would be easy to relax but when you are the oldest and use to responsibility and always being in control of everything; relaxing is hard work! My husband told me to take a nice long hot shower and relax and I couldn’t do it! 

There was no way I was gonna use all that water and plus there were things that needed to get down around the house. It wasn’t the best time to be sent away to relax but I tried… I was going to take the time and put on a face mask but that said you had to let it sit for 15-20 minutes so that was out and then finally, after stalling for way to long I decided that I was going to do some yoga! 

I went in our room and took 15 minutes to do 2 rounds of a sequence using the sworkit app on my phone and I loved it! I felt much more relaxed and then I followed it up with a 5 minute ab workout I’ve been doing every night and then I hit the shower!

 I must admit I did come out of the shower way more relaxed than usual even though all of my to do list still needed to be done…I love yoga and I may never become a yogi but I’m going to always try and keep it as a part of my regular routine!

So when it’s time for you to relax how do you do it?

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