The Food Adventures of Kobi: Applesauce

Okay so I think  I may have figured out what I am going to do to solve my no picture problem… I have set up a tumblr account for the pictures for this blog… so I will post the link that way you all can see the pictures that go with the particular blog…

Onward to Kobi trying applesauce… I was so excited because when I was pregnant with her she had me eating apples all the time so I couldn’t wait to see if she really still liked the apples! I don’t know why I thought apples would look different so I was kind of disappointed when I opened the package and saw apple sauce… like I was just expecting something different. Anyway Kobi seemed to still like the apples but she was also teething during this feeding so she was a little agitated but got through it just fine!

You can click here to see the cute pics of Kobi eating her applesauce!!

Love y’all,



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