Happy 2-months Kobi

Today Kobi is officially 2 months old and what a difference a month makes!! For starters she’s home!!! So that means that she is breathing on her own and her spells are nearly non existent! It also means that she can eat from the bottle and breastfeed too! 

She’s growing by leaps and bounds everyday! Kobi weighs 6 lbs 7 oz and we couldn’t be more excited! She practices tummy time and we are still getting up every three hours to feed her but that’s okay because she still isn’t suppose to be due for another 22 days or so therefore a little extra time spent eating is fine by me! 
Thank you so very much for all of your continued prayers! Your love and support have definitely kept us all fighting the good fight of faith!! 

We know that everyone is eager to see her and we will have a welcome home party for her eventually but in the meantime please remember in the name of keeping Kobi healthy that you can look at her but you can’t touch her just yet! But the minute she is able to be loved by you all with hugs and kisses we’ll let you all know! Thanks for understanding and take this as your warning because we will swat hands away if necessary! We love you all but don’t want our baby back in the hospital over something that could have been prevented. 

On a lighter note enjoy some pictures of our Kobi:


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