We have a baby!!

I still can’t believe that our baby is finally home!! In this video I talk a little bit about what the first two days have been like and the things we’ve had to learn already like how to defrost milk and pack a diaper bag! It’s not the most exciting but this is our life now! 

Thanks for watching!

P.S. We shot this, edited and uploaded in about 2 hours total (I’d say I’m getting better)!! 

Question: Do you think my wearing of real clothes, no mom buns and shaded eyebrows will last? 

2 thoughts on “We have a baby!!

  1. The first few months it was hard for me to take a real shower let alone “get cute” regularly. And when baby did rest I thought I would get all this stuff done but I would just sleep.

    It’s important to have time for yourself so I hope if you set a goal to get dressed, and it makes you feel good to do it, that you get that time!Good luck! I’ll be watching!

    • Thanks Cherrise! I tend to value sleep over anything so it should be interesting. I guess I just want to look “put together” when I go out of the house and make videos even if I’m not always looking the part inside my home!

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