Life As We Know iT!

One day about a week ago after listening to an NPR segment William asked me if I had ever thought about being a producer because he could see me doing something along those lines. So after thinking about it and doing some research I decided I would give it a try. 

Life As We Know iT is a show idea that I came up with where I can talk about my life and the different aspects of it: wifedom, motherhood, politics, race relations, natural hair, friendship really whatever I feel like talking about and of course Jesus! 

Through this show I want to learn new skills that can help me get to my goal of one day producing content that other people will watch, listen to, or want to be apart of. I have already learned so much just by editing this first video, which is only my second time ever editing a video in my life! 

I hope you enjoy it and don’t take offense to anything I said in this video. It’s all love…


Thanks for watching, reading and supporting! 


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