Baby Shower Fun!!

This past weekend I had the joy of spending a few hours with some ladies I haven’t had the chance to see in a while because of bed rest and then hospital bed rest and then baby and now not driving etc… Needless to say I had a blast and it was so refreshing add exciting as we didn’t quite make it this far with Kiwi!! Kobi received a lot of great things and I tried really hard not to cry and did pretty good (although a few tears were shed). 

I was able to find a cute dress that was neutral enough to work with my (rainbow baby) rainbow themed shower (thanks Angelica) and ate really good food while catching up! I am so thankful for everyone who showed up and blessed me with their presence!! It was just what I needed and William and I are so thankful for all the goodies! Receiving so many of the items we requested from our registry really takes an extra burden off of our plates so thanks again!! Below you will find a few pictures from the shower. Thanks again ladies! 

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