God is moving!

Y’all when I say God is moving I really mean it! He is performing daily miracles when it comes to our baby Katherine Obadiah (I like how her whole name sounds together)! Technically Kobi is only 32 weeks gestational age however she is going on a whole month outside of my womb, with that being said she continues to breathe on her own, she has a nasal cannula just in case and to help when needed, she gains weight every time she eats and is now 3 lbs and 6 oz! 

 The best part thus far is she was recently moved to the Children’s Hospital NICU at Vanderbilt; which is a step closer to her coming home! There she has a private room that allows us to spend more quiet/quality time with her (as in I can pump next to her and play worship music)! Here they will get her to start bottle feeding (and eventually breastfeeding), will move her from assisted air to regular room air with no assistance and take her from her pod to a crib! 

We are super excited for the continued progress that Kobi is making on a daily basis and we know that Jesus is the One doing the miracles but we also know that He hears each one of the prayers spoken on behalf of our Kobi! William and I can’t say Thank you enough but we will always try to keep you updated with what’s going on with Kobi as a way to say Thank you!! Thank you and enjoy a few recent pictures of our love!!

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