3 Weeks already

Kobi is 3 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it! Our baby really is growing up so fast and I’m sure this is just the beginning!! As of today she weighs 3lbs and 3oz and is drinking 26 ml of breast milk. 

She is still breathing on her own and her CPAP machine was set to the lowest level which is one step closer to being completely removed! She loves to snuggle and she opens her eyes only when she feels like it and never when we want her too but I love her little personality already. 

Thanks so much for the continued prayers, love and support! Kobi is doing great because you all are helping us go and see her and praying for us to have the strength to make the 2 hour round trip every day safely!  We are blessed in part because of you and we are so grateful for each one of you. 

2 thoughts on “3 Weeks already

  1. I’m glad your little fighter is doing well. Our son was born last month and spent 8 days in the NICU, short by most standards but was the longest 8 days of our life. I wish your little one well and hope she gets to go home with you soon.

    • Thank you and I’m sure those eight days were just as heart wrenching as every other mother who has a child in the NICU! Thanks for reading my story and for sharing yours!

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