7 Year Celebration!

I’ve been waiting for this moment since we got married because of the “7 year itch” myth, legend, tall tale, saying… I’ve wanted to make it past this year and I know we will but I don’t just want to make it through this year I want this to be our best year! I want this year to be full of joy and peace and pure happiness! I want to love my husband deeper and more of the way he likes to be loved. I want to go on a family vacation with out little one to the beach, and just keep living for Jesus! 

It’s kind of hard to really celebrate in the middle of winter when our city actually decides to be cold and it decides it wants to snow and rain all day. We started our day by going to church then we had a modified donut date for the first time in months. We finished prepping the nurse’s Valentine’s Day treats exchanged gifts and then left for Nashville. We went to our favorite restaurant and then we went to spend the rest of the night with our daughter Kobi in the NICU at Vanderbilt. We were fortunate to get the best anniversary gift; we both got to snuggle with Kobi! Can you say BEST DAY EVER?! 

This anniversary has been like any other but I wouldn’t change a thing!! Thanks to those who helped us get this far and thanks to those of you who have been praying for us through this difficult time with our baby Kobi. 



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