28 Weeks 2 Days

That is exactly how far along I am as I write this. Every day really does count and William and I are ecstatic that we have made it this far! My doctor always wanted to get me to 27-28 weeks at least so the fact that we are here is a huge milestone!! 

I have been in the hospital now for just over a week and already the days are starting to blur together but I am grateful that I’m here and am being taken care of by some great doctors. I can also wear regular clothes which is a major bonus. 

Kobi also known as Bow is doing great! She loves moving around especially when the nurses are trying to monitor her and she’s really good at giving me a reassuring kick when it’s been a while since I felt her move. She seems to get hiccups a couple of times a day and she likes to sleep. 

We’ll be here until we reach 34 weeks or I deliver which ever comes first but like I’ve said from the beginning at least when all is said and done there will be a baby that we get to raise and for that I am forever grateful for. 


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