Life update

This has been long overdue and I wanted to give an update before the end of the year seeing as how it’s only days away…

The procedure I had done went well, and I’ve been on bed rest ever since. I’m not gonna lie being on bed rest was really hard the first couple of weeks and I kept hoping I was gonna get released but that hasn’t happened. Instead I was told I need to get weekly shots to strengthen my cervix and remain on bed rest.
So that’s where I’ve been since the last week of October. 

I’m taking things week by week and letting the days go by as quickly as possible. Today I am 23 weeks and can feel our baby girl move more and more everyday. Oh yeah, we’re having a girl!! Her name will be Katherine Obadiah or Kobi for short. We’re super excited!! 

Every day is a blessing and I’m looking forward to many more! 



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