2 For 1: Father’s Day & 9 Months Later

Technically this is William’s second Father’s Day as we just found out we were expecting right before Father’s Day last year however this year is so bitter… I want to say that it’s sweet and we had a great day which we did, but from the very moment I woke up this morning my heart was heavy and it’s still so heavy even now…

Even though today makes 9 months that our Kiwi Hannah has been with Jesus I still want to acknowledge my love because today is his day and he did such a great job honoring me on Mother’s Day…  William was and is a fantastic Father! He made sure he was there at every appointment and made sure I had everything I wanted and needed. He is caring and kind and loves children both ours and others and will play with them until they are all pooped out (him included). 

Thank you William for being such a righteous man who loves God above everything else! I love you and appreciate you and know that the memories we made with Kiwi will last a lifetime until we meet her again! Thank you for walking this life out with me. I love you and treasure you and can’t wait to make new memories with our future children. Happy Father’s Day my love I hope you found a piece of Joy in all of this bitterness!

My loves: William & Kiwi Hannah!

4 thoughts on “2 For 1: Father’s Day & 9 Months Later

  1. Glad that you guys enjoyed father’s day. Thank you for sharing with us such a beautiful and intimate photo.

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