What a difference a year makes

so I was casually scrolling through Facebook when I see a friends post from like 3 years ago she was just reflecting on how much her life had changed since then… I clicked on her post to finish reading it and instead clicked on my posts for this day in past years… And I found this:

Apparently, just one short year ago today we announced we were pregnant!! I definitely wasn’t ready or expecting to see this… To be honest I had no idea when we made the announcement and hadn’t thought about it much.

My heart is heavy with the knowlege of how much my life has truly changed in just one year! I’ll definitely have a good cry or several tonight (after I work on homework) but I will also spend some extra time with Jesus thanking Him for continuing to be by my side even when I’m mad at Him. The Lord has truly done a work on my heart and has allotted me a grace I never knew was possible. 

I loss my baby girl Kiwi Hannah back in September of last year… Since then I chose to get healthy, celebrated six years of marriage, found a job, did a 30 before 30 list, quit a job and start Grad School… 

I’m grieving but I am also living and hopefully I’ll make time to share with you guys (especially my blog friends) what that looks like. There are far more moments of joy that I need to share with you all. Until then please know that it gets better. 

God Bless You for your continued support.

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