10 Years Later

Today is my baby Cylis’ 10th Birthday!! Every year I reminisce on all the things that I never got to do with Cylis because he went to heaven too soon… but this year for the first time I’m happy that he’s there because that means that my baby Kiwi Hannah was greeted by him in heaven when she first got there and I’m sure they continue to hang out now!


I’m so incredibly sad. Words truly aren’t good enough to express the sorrow that I’m feeling today but knowing that my two babies are together in heaven puts a smile on my face through the tears and makes me a bit jealous that they get all the fun with Jesus and all I get is His still small voice.

Happy Birthday Cy!!! I loved you from the moment I knew you existed. Thank you for showing my baby Kiwi around heaven… I look forward to celebrating in heaven with you one day.

2 thoughts on “10 Years Later

  1. Terry I’m so sorry I didn’t know you lost two babies. It makes me sad to think of these most amazing women long to raise thier children, and we the women who have them to raise, allow ourselves to get frustrated and ungrateful. We take thier presence for granted because we are tired of messy rooms and not listening.

    I will think of you when I start to forget what a gift I have. You and women like you should make women like me want to be better mothers. Forgive me for not always being thankful, God forgive me.

    Love Miranda

    • Miranda, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you are able to parent your babies and I’m sure you’re doing a great job! Just to clarify Cylis was my God son. Whom I loved dearly and had lots of plans for. I write about him every year and just realized that some of my newer friends and readers wouldn’t know the back story. Please forgive me for the unintentional mis-leading


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