My 2015 Theme

I have only started this “tradition” if you will, last year but I definitely love it and see myself finding my one word theme for years to come.

This years theme is BELIEVE! 

My life was shattered into a million pieces at the end of last year after accomplishing so many great things and now I need to begin to believe again… it’s as simple as that! As I believe my faith will begin to grow and my healing and restoration will come.

So what am I believing for? Everything!

I am believing for

  • babies
  • my marriage (I want to do a better job of putting William first)
  • our finances both for me to have a good job and for us to pay down debt
  • unity within my church as well as the growth of my church
  • the role I play in my church; its time for me to get back in the game
  • health that I can lose this weight
  • continued healthy healing from the lost of Kiwi

But most of all I am going to BELIEVE in God’s sovereignty!! He knows exactly what He is doing and the loss of Kiwi did not catch Him by surprise although I am sure that He is crying right along with me! I am choosing to believe the word that I keep getting: “God makes all things new” and I am continuing to believe that His grace is sufficient!

So here’s to 2015!! Right now may not seem like much but the best is yet to come and I will believe!

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