2 months already

It’s been two months already!! My dear precious daughter went to be with Jesus two months ago and it’s so hard to believe. It’s hard not to think about how she would have been 6 months in my belly if she were still here but she has the best life with Jesus! I miss her dearly and wish she was still here but that’s just not the case.

I am just happy that today wasn’t full of tears. I did spend time talking to Jesus and crying but my whole day wasn’t consumed by it (even though I know it would have been okay if it was). I actually got up and made plans, saw people, cleaned the house, cooked dinner, and spent some wonderful quality time with my husband.

Two months is both a long time and not that long but as each day goes by I am healing and the pain is not so bad. Of course I still have my sad days but I just find a picture of her and stare at it for a while and I begin to feel better. It’s hard. The hardest thing I’ve been through but I am truly finding out that His grace is sufficient!

Thanks for reading and praying


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