Healing one day at a time



I have been doing yoga for about two weeks now and have noticed that with every class I go to not only do I get stronger and more confident in the poses and such but healing occurs. For at least an hour I don’t think about anything but the moment I’m in. I get to release all the pain of not having my Kiwi Hannah here with me and I get to be strong; focusing on my core and my breathing instead of the pain and the emptiness.

I took advantage of a sale the local studio was having and haven’t regretted it one minute! I’ve had the chance to reconnect with old friends make a new one but most of all heal my heart to the point where I can tell people my story without bursting into tears or feeling depressed for the rest of the day!

My good days are becoming more frequent and I am beginning to see God’s love for me even in the midst of my greatest sorrow. The fog is beginning to lift and I am able to see God’s good intentions for my life and the fact that He wasn’t the one that caused this pain, but it was the enemy that has caused this pain to try to destroy me but I AM STRONG. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I HAVE NO LIMITATIONS.

I am planning and praying and listening to what God has for me to do because it will get done, and I can go on knowing full well that the Lord will restore EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen from me and when He does it will be glorious!

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