I’m Back!

I’m back! I know it’s been quite sometime…. the last time I wrote you all I was trying to find something extra cool to do in Jersey on my way to and from India. Well needless to say I had a great time in India, and ended up seeing the sights in Manhattan instead of Jersey. I also graduated from Austin Peay State University with a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. But that’s not what has brought me back…

During the summer June 10th to be exact I found out I was pregnant to my delight. If anyone has followed me for any time you know the struggle it has been for me and my husband to conceive and how painful mother’s day has been for me. So to say that I was beyond ecstatic is quite the understatement. I went to India in July fully pregnant with confidence that the Lord would protect both me and my baby and He did! I graduated in August with my baby present under my robe! And in September I finally felt the little flutters of movement I had been waiting for! But even that is not what I’m back to talk about…

See, just a few short days ago Sunday September 21st at 5:34 am I gave birth to my daughter at only 18 weeks old. She was 8 oz and 8.5 inches long. We decided to name her Kiwi Hannah Harding because we called her Kiwi every night as we prayed for our baby, at the time we didn’t know what we were having and we still didn’t know until we had her that morning. She came too early because I have found out that I have what is known as an incompetent cervix (I dilated without any symptoms or pain). Therefore, no cervix=nothing to keep baby in… thereby producing a much too early delivery.

And that is why I’m back! Even in my heartache, brokenness, and grief I know that God is good and His love IS real! It doesn’t mean that I’m not mad or that I don’t have tons of questions that still may never get answered but I had to come back in my time of grief to give God the honor and glory He still deserves even in my darkest hour!

So prepare yourselves, I’ll be blogging more often about my long journey to surviving this devastation… Thank you for continuing to read this blog even in my absence and thank you for your continued prayers for me and my family during this horrific time in our lives. I’ll try to also blog about the good times as well…



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