Make A Note Monday: Things just got real!

You know when you are pondering doing something and you go back and forth about it until you make a decision and then something happens to cement your decision? Well today that happened to me in a big humiliating way…

I had already woken up this morning and had decided that I’m going to lose weight and get in shape… This afternoon I set my goal: I would love to be in shape for my graduation in August. I even worked out a plan to use the gym on campus during summer classes (since I have to take them anyway) and I was feeling great!!

But the thing that sealed the deal (luckily) happened to me while I was home alone although nonetheless humiliating for me… I split my pants moving my keyboard from the stand to the floor!!! Even when I gained all that newlywed weight (that know one warns you about) I never split my pants!!

So as embarrassing as this is for me I’m writing this to keep me accountable!! I already coach volleyball at least twice a week and really that’s probably all I can do right now as far as activities go but I can change my diet to include no sugars during the week, more water, less salt, eating more times a day, having healthy snacks watching my portions etc…

The buck stops here! I know there’s a Freshman 15 but I really do believe there’s also a Senior 25 they don’t tell you about!! I don’t know how much I weigh because I don’t own a scale (it’s a trigger for me) but I’ll know when my weight is down and so will you!! I’d appreciate any kind words of encouragement from now until August!!


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