Dove Advanced Care: A product that works!


So I had the opportunity to try Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant from Influenster and I was actually surprised that it worked for me!! I like to say that I sweat like a man so I was kind of skeptical of using another deodorant after it took me years to find something that actually worked for me!

I will say that it even worked better than what I have been using! And I am sure that they are comparable in price because I usually pay close to $8 for my secret clinical strength…

So what don’t I like about it? The scent is super strong! So much so that my husband figured out that I had changed deodorants… But despite the strong smell the thing that will probably keep me from purchasing it is the fact that it’s a solid!

I know it shouldn’t matter but for me it does! I like wearing tank tops and other sleeveless shirts and I HATE when you can see white deodorant when I raise my arms!!! My secret brand is an advanced solid which goes on solid but becomes clear once it hits the skin and I ABSOLUTELY love it!

So if you don’t care about what your pits look like when you raise your arms I would highly recommend trying Dove’s Advanced Care deodorant!

** please note that these thoughts and opinions are my own and receiving the Influenster box was completely free and can be had by any one.**


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