Make A Note Monday: Don’t Be Afraid To Learn Something New

I am typing this really quickly as my study break just to encourage everyone to never stop learning. I am in the middle of learning how to do my very own newsletter for my first project in desktop publishing in class. I am aware of my intelligence and I am also aware of how I think and let me just tell you the way the Adobe InDesign is set up well, my brain just doesn’t work that way… however with lots of note taking and pausing of the tutorial I have formatted my letter just right and I am excited to see the finished¬†project!

My piano lessons are going pretty well too! Although my transitions from chord to chord aren’t as smooth as I would like. I have only been playing for a month and I got the chance to play a chord chart of one of the songs we play in church all the time, so obviously I am improving I just have to stop being afraid and realize that I am learning even if it’s at a slower pace than I want it to be.

Within the realm of my internship I am learning to converse with people on a daily basis. I am learning that making mistakes is a part of learning and that not even the people that work there have all the answers so it’s okay if I don’t either… I am learning that every day I can learn something new if I don’t get discouraged about making mistakes along the way.

What are some of the things you are in the process of learning?