5 Years Strong!!


Today my husband and I celebrate five years of marriage. I am excited to have reached such a milestone and happy to say that I honestly love where we are as a couple!

We have grown so much individually and together and we are continuously learning about each other. In the past five years he’s learned that I don’t like pizza and I finally stopped forcing peaches mangoes and popcorn on him, he’s learned about natural hair makeup and fashion, I’ve learned how to drive a stick to laugh at his jokes more and to be more playful with him.

We both still want a big family who travels the world doing what God has called us to do (whatever that might be for the season we’re in at the time). We know that God has something BIG in store for us and everyday we make sure to love Jesus more than we love each other!

To those that are reading this Happy Valentine’s Day and to those reading this that have supported us throughout these last five years THANK YOU!!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you and the countless prayers you’ve prayed for us. Thanks for all the advice dinners and slaps in the face when we needed it.

To my dearest William, Happy Anniversary! I love you very much and I am glad that God saw fit to bring us together! I am looking forward to all the years of laughter love and memories still to come.

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