Make A Note Monday: Good Everyday Products

So I had the wonderful opportunity to review some pretty good products last month before school started thanks to the people at influenster! I received the violet vox box and it had some really good every day products in it!

I got a banana nut flavored SOYJOY bar that retails for less than a dollar, I was able to try Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine polish in a wonderful tangerine color, as well as my favorite product of the box; a Goody Athlétique Headband that’s two toned and moisture wicking, as well as a Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa mask, and a 1.6 oz sample size of dry shampoo from Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak. All of these items retail for $6.00 or less which makes them easy to pick up on my own dime!

I was a little nervous about the SOYJOY but I ate it on the way to church and it actually wasn’t that bad! To me it had the consistency of a fig newton which I hate but the flavor was good! So if you like fig newtons you’ll probably really like them. And you can get them for 99¢ so you can’t go wrong with that.

Between working out and playing volleyball the Goody Athlétique Headband was a life saver! I had my hair straight at the time and wearing that literally kept my edges from reverting! I sometimes even wore it in the shower under my shower cap for extra protection and it never disappointed! At $6.00 you can’t beat it!

The Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa mask was really interesting. It felt great and it left my skin feeling wonderful and for $2.50 it’s definitely worth the extra treat… But the cutouts didn’t really fit too well so it made it a bit awkward.

I have never tried dry shampoo and have heard about it for years so I was really excited to get to try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo on my straight hair!! I absolutely loved this product because it gave me the volume I’ve always wanted!!

My hair is very fine but I love BIG hair and when I used this product I finally got the hair of my dreams!! The only thing about it is I don’t know if I could use it properly on my tight coiled hair. I can’t ever brush my hair dry so the thought of brushing this product out of my hair is torturous! But it’s only $5.99 so when I get my hair straightened again I can always buy another can of it.

The only product I was disappointed with was Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine polish. Don’t get me wrong I loved the color but it had a fat brush applicator which for me makes things super difficult and it didn’t last but four days before it started to chip!

For $4.99 I expect more! I know that may not seem like a lot of money but if I buy other brands for $1.99 and they last six to seven days before they start to chip I expect more from a better known and more expensive brand.

For the most part this influenster box was a huge win! It has definitely been one of my favorites! All of the items were very practical and I could see myself buying these items again and recommending them to my friends!
If you have a chance or are on the fence about any of these items I highly recommend you go for it!







have you tried any of these items before?

***I received these items completely free from influenster. I was not paid to review these items and all of these thoughts and opinions are my own.***

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