Make A Note Monday: What Teachers Make By Taylor Mali

I don’t know if you all know this but I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. Specifically a hearing impaired teacher, but then we moved away and all of a sudden there were no more hearing impaired students in my classes or to help out. I even started my college career majoring in Education K-6 I wanted to teach kindergarten… but then something changed and I got a chance to see behind the curtain of what really goes on and I didn’t like it… so I left… but that has never changed my passion for teaching or the respect that I have always had for teachers…

Here is a fun meme/comic/story that my husband found and sent to me… It almost made me tear up with gratitude for those who teach and who have made me the woman I am today… Enjoy but be aware there are two occasions towards the end that contain a not so nice picture and a not so nice word…


What Teachers Make... -   Misc


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