My Stress Relief

I have been a tad bit stressed this past week so I decided to take a little time and do some cooking… I looked up a few recipes for potato soup on Pinterest and then made my own version… It was really good and my husband enjoyed it. Plus we have enough left overs for each of us to have another serving, which will probably be lunch sometime during the coming week…

In case anyone is interested I’ll let you know what I did below:


I put on a pot of salted water about a quarter full to boil.

I chopped up a bunch of potatoes into chunks about 12 (they were going bad so I wanted to use all of them that I could).

I added the potatoes to the water and let them boil until they were soft.

Once they started to boil I pre-heated the oven for the bacon to 350 (I used 4 strips).

Once the bacon was done I took the potatoes off the burner (they had been on for maybe an hour) I didn’t really pay attention to the time… I just watched for how soft they were, stirring them constantly.

I then added some almond milk that I didn’t measure I just poured until I was happy with the amount in the pot, next I added chicken broth the same way and put the soup back on the burner to heat up stirring constantly.

Once everything was mixed together I seasoned it with a dash of onion salt, garlic salt, and pepper then I added two big spoons of sour cream and stirred it… Let that sit while I broke up the bacon and added it to the pot.

Once the bacon was added I took out the Mexican blend cheese and added it to the pot and stirred.

When it was ready to serve I topped mine off with sharp cheddar and my husbands off with black pepper (he doesn’t really care for cheese).

And that was it! I did it while taking part in a live chat for an online group project so it wasn’t very hard nor did it have a lot of parts to it… The whole thing probably took 2 hours from start to finish!

Not only do I feel accomplished for making this for the first time but I am relaxed and can go and do all my other homework assignments knowing that I cooked a meal for my family in the process.

Do any of you cook to relieve stress? What’s your go to recipe?

Well off to homework land I go… Until next time…

Be Blessed,


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