Make A Note Monday: Sometimes You Just Gotta Rest

As the school semester continues to want more and more of my time and energy I have realized that sometimes I just gotta rest. And even though there are things that need to be done it doesn’t mean that I have to work on them every moment of every day…

Don’t be afraid to take a moment to catch your breath especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with your current situation. Maybe you can’t take time to go do something elaborate for the weekend but maybe you can take a few minutes and walk around the block or go workout for an hour or meet someone for coffee or sneak away on your back porch with a cup of tea…

Whatever you do just know that the paper or project or presentation you’re working on will still be there when you get back and it’s okay to take a break… That’s what I have been trying to do on the weekends since school started. It may not be both days but I try and take a day where I don’t stress about too much work and then do something fun… And like always the work has still been there but when I tackle the work the next day it’s less overwhelming and it still gets done on time.

A random find in AL this past weekend.

We went walking while visiting some friends in Ohio.

I went and watched a play in Nashville with a friend.

Having fun with friends in Nashville.

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