Make A Note Monday: Learning To Say No

I found this blog over at the better mom and totally needed to read it again and share it, especially since the fall semester of school just started up (a blog post on that will surely come at some point) anyway it talks about how important it is to learn to say NO for the sake of your sanity and how important it is to prioritize. I hope you walk away being able to answer and reflect on the questions and how they apply to your life and hopefully you will walk away from reading this knowing that some times NO is the best option for the season you are in and that it’s okay to say NO. This article is by Tricia Goyer and can be found below under its original title.

5 Questions That Can Change Your Schedule…and Your Life

I used to be the worst at saying no. If someone needed help at church, or a babysitter, or a work-project to get done, I was the person whom they could count on. I prided myself for being able to accomplish more than anyone I knew, but the cost was great. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I was tired all the time. And my shoulders grew weary from the high level of expectations. Especially mine.

My husband, John, was the one who taught me to say no. After one ultra-busy season he sat me down and forced me to go over my schedule. Together we asked these questions in order to pare down our calendar:

5 Questions That Can Change Your Schedule...and Your Life (NOT a bad link)

Take a few minutes and answer these questions. You might want to start with the last one first. What do you miss out on when you forget to say no? One of the most important things is inner renewal.



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