Dodge’s Pizza?!

What was that? Dodge’s Pizza? You mean Dodge’s Chicken right? Wrong! Dodge’s Pizza!! Dodge’s Chicken along with great chicken now does fantastic pizza!! Yup I said it!! You know it’s gotta be good if I am calling it fantastic because I don’t even like pizza!! I had one slice of the Chicken Alfredo Specialty Pizza and was blown away!! I mean I was expecting something not so wonderful and was thoroughly impressed!!

For the grand opening they had giveaways, door prizes, and face painting for the kids! Even Q-108 showed up! So when can you go get this awesome tasting pizza?You can get the pizza from 11-6pm and then in late August you can get it from 11-9pm!! Oh and the best part about the whole thing is that you can get a 10 inch pizza with as many toppings as you want or a specialty pizza for just 6.99!! If you ever have time or are just looking for some great pizza stop by you won’t disappointed!!












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