Just Keep Moving

This is how I looked after my workout yesterday…

Me after my workout
Me after my workout

I was utterly exhausted! I did everything I hadn’t done in a while and my whole body hurt. And from the looks of things you’d never think that at this moment I did something I didn’t think I could do and was so overwhelmed and encouraged by God for being right beside me the whole time that I couldn’t stop singing His praises! I was proud of myself and happy to boot! Even happier than when I back squatted 165 (which I PR’d again at 175) because I didn’t give up I kept moving even when I was the last person to finish most of the activities I still finished. I didn’t cheat myself and stop short of the goal I finished.

So what big thing did I do? Well I’ll tell you… I ran a mile for the first time in four years without stopping and finished way faster than I was hoping I would!! From the moment I walked in and saw “one mile run for time” on the board I had been dreading it… actually most days I go to CrossFit I pray Lord please don’t let there be any running today… (yesterday I didn’t pray that) so when I saw running and running a longer distance I was scared… we had the option to row instead of run… and at that moment I had a decision to make… would I take the easier way out and row even though I was capable of running or would I suck it up and run regardless of what happened… And so I ran (if you could even call it that) with the goals of running at my own pace not anyone else’s and to not stop and walk… and truly by the grace of God I did it! I was hoping I’d finish in 13:00 but I actually finished in 11:55!

There were a ton of things floating around in my head, but with every step I got closer to my goal… and it didn’t hurt that there were people there to encourage me along the way. Telling me that I could do it. Did I want to stop? Yes! Was it ridiculously hot outside? Heck yeah it was! Wouldn’t have rowing been easier? Yes. But would I have been this happy about rowing? Not at all! I was long over do to push myself, to make myself stop taking the easy way out and to challenge myself to get better. If I can’t push myself to run how will I be able to push myself to read my Bible on a consistent basis, or to apply the word to my life, to preach the gospel, or to pray for the sick and hurting when God prompts me to and I don’t feel like it!

I have to learn to push through and do it anyway because that’s what Jesus did for us on the cross. His whole life He pushed through and did it anyway, He loved and preached healed and died anyway… He didn’t care how it made Him feel, or how much it hurt or inconvenienced Him, or what people were saying. All He cared about was doing the work of His Father, God… and that’s how we should live, that’s how I want to live, and if I have to keep moving (as slowly as it may be) so that He may be glorified then moving is what I will do.


Be Blessed,


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