CrossFit: A Week Of Personal Records


Y’all this week I have surpassed my expectations during CrossFit, probably because I have none but that’s beside the point… I mean my main goal has been to improve with every WOD… And this week I found my one rep max on the main lifts that we have been working on… And I have new personal records for them all!!

On Tuesday we did the Clean and Jerk and I was able to lift 100lbs!!! We also did the Back Squat and I was able to squat 155lbs!! I couldn’t believe it when everything was totaled all up!! Thursday comes along and we have to do Snatches and Dead Lifts… If you recall earlier in my experience of CrossFit the Snatch was the move that made me cry and feel stupid… So from that moment on I had only been working with a PVC pipe and a 10-15lbs bar…

So when I found out we had to figure out our one rep max I was a tad bit scared because up until that point not only had I had no weight but I was still doing the snatch in several small moves… But low and behold I was able to Snatch 75lbs!!! I know right? Talk about a victory!! I then went to do bench press which I maxed out at 85lbs
and did the Dead Lift which I have been great at from the beginning. Like my posture has been great from the beginning and my form has always been good so I just kept adding weights 10 by 10 then 15 by 15 on a bar that was already 35lbs until I got all the way up to 185lbs!!! That’s right I Dead Lifted almost 200lbs!! I was super stoked and could hardly believe it!!

This week has taught me a lot about myself and about hard work and perseverance but the one thing I took away from this all is that it’s all in the technique of things!! I really do feel like I succeeded because I took the time out in the beginning to stick with the PVC pipe and work the technique until I felt like I had the movements down and then I added weight as I progressed and that made all the difference. So If you are just starting out and are still using the PVC pipe or a 10lbs bar don’t be discouraged keep pushing and keep working on those movements you’ll get there!!

Will I PR again next week probably not partly because I’ll be in North Carolina attending a class and doing a lot of travel WOD’s but regardless of what I do next week I think me having a week of PR’s was a wonderful way to leave the box for a few weeks because I know that I truly left everything there!! There’s nothing like a PR to solidify your real love for something and I really do love CrossFit!!

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