National Day of Prayer Recap


Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer and I had the honor of taking part in a community gathering in Clarksville, TN. It was so refreshing to see the community come together to take part in this special occasion and challenge each person to pray not just on that day but everyday! They had predetermined people from the community pray for each of the seven influences of power: military, media, business, family, government, church, and education as well as praise and worship and passages from the Bible.

It really was a great time of communion with brothers and sisters in Christ and with The Lord. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing everyone come together to pray for our city and for our nation. There were pastors and business men and women, there were government officials and moms with preschoolers, young and old all together for a single purpose and it was magnificent to behold. Not to mention a great way to jump start anyone in a lifestyle of prayer! I’m glad I was able to participate and was reminded to pray everyday for my city and our nation.

What was your favorite part of National Day of Prayer?

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