I felt the burn!!

Today’s workout of the day (WOD) was a doozy!!! I got to work on my snatch technique and even worked up to 20lbs. We then went off and did sumo dead lifts and I was able to lift 70 lbs!! Those were definitely work… Then we moved to doing three rounds of activities we had overhead lunges, up downs, sit-ups, atlas stones, good mornings, pass thrus, and v-ups, it was extremely tiring but I finished it all!! I felt like a rock star especially when lifting those atlas stones!! I am in pain but it feels so good to be getting the hang of things and progressing a bit more than before!! Progress feels good!


P.S. all of my activities were modified and probably will be for a while, however when I’m not modifying I’ll let you know. Thanks for reading.

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