40 Min AMRAP!!


Today I had a 40 Minute AMRAP! It was the longest one I’ve done so far… and the most varied. I had to do 6 Dead Lifts with 55 lbs on them, 50 Double Unders (jumping twice in one swing) or 200 singles, followed by 10 handstand pushups (modified of course), 6 Tire Flips, and then a 400m run!! It was definitely eye opening and made me want to practice my Double Under technique to actually get more than one at a time because 200 single jumps was definitely not fun.

Don’t let the smile fool ya, I was exhausted!!!

Despite all the new things I tried the run is what was the hardest for me (go figure)! The weather was pretty amazing and I had a feeling that we’d be running today for the WOD and I was right. I started off pretty okay trying to remember all of the techniques we had talked about… head straight, chest out, legs bent to create a figure four, arms swinging as if you are holding something delicately and you don’t wanna break it… but towards the end I definitely had to pull out all the Bible verses that were inside of me and just talk to Jesus, giving him glory and honor and praise telling Him that I needed His help and He came through!! I ended up doing 4 complete rounds and got to all but the run during what would have been my 5th round. I am really happy because my goal was to only get to 3 full rounds! Although it was a really long WOD I felt encouraged the whole time and am excited for the small improvements I am showing with each workout. Today was great because I felt like I knew what I was doing and I even got to work out with a few friends from church!

These ladies are strong both spiritually and physically!! They did a fantastic job on this WOD!!

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