Nashville PR Tour


Today I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the #NashvillePRTour put on by the Local Nashville Chapter of PRSA. It was open to members of the PRSSA chapters in the respective Universities in the greater Tennessee area. There was even someone from Louisiana there! The tour was set up so we could peer into the daily lives of Public Relations professionals and ask them questions pertaining to all things Public Relations!

We learned about internal communications, social media policies, daily happenings (like reading the Tennessean every day before work) and some best practices (be up to date on current events and be prepared to write). We also saw what each of those areas looked liked in the different settings. We had the opportunity to go to several different places such as Pinnacle Financial Services, McNeely Pigott & Fox, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and a representative from Seigenthaler even stopped by and had lunch with us and allowed us to ask questions.

I learned quite a few things, such as banks have fun too, a great work environment is vital to the morale of associates, good writing skills will go a long way, when searching for internships think outside the box, be prepared to write because in communication there is a lot of writing, the Public Relations world really is being taken over by women (I mean there was only one other man present besides the two that were putting on the event in our group), Not many Public Relations people looked liked me, and getting up and driving to Nashville isn’t so bad in the early morning hours.

I definitely am excited about my future profession and am very grateful to the men and women who allowed us to be apart of this great opportunity to see into what our lives could one day look like. I will definitely continue to be apart of both PRSSA while I am in school and PRSA once I graduate that way I will have the opportunity to give back to the organizations that helped me see into my future. If you ever have the opportunity to go to an event like this I would highly recommend it! There is definitely a great Return on Investment!


2 thoughts on “Nashville PR Tour

  1. Hi Terri–We’re so glad you were able to stop by Pinnacle as part of the tour. It’s great to hear that your takeaway was that banks have fun too–we definitely hope that shows! Good luck to you as you start your PR career.

    • Nikki, it was such an honor to be apart of such a great opportunity! I had a few questions about creativity in banking but didn’t need to ask them because they were already covered!! Thanks for taking the time to let us see how PR works in the banking industry.

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