The Surpassing Power

Have you ever been so starved for the word of God that when you finally get it the revelation and the renewal and ministry is so deep it makes you wanna cry? Well that’s where I’m at right now… I’ve needed more of God’s word than what I’ve allowed myself to have. So when I opened my Bible and just read the words on the page they jumped out at me and instantaneously began to heal my wounds and make things better. All of a sudden I could hear God’s voice talking to me for me! I’ve been asking God to speak to me for others so that they may believe but in the midst of it all, I forgot that He could speak to me for just me!! So when I read His word and let it hit me I was awakened and it was like a splash of cool water was thrown on my face and I just stopped to take it all in… Oh the pure joy and delight that comes from the word of God!! It really is incomparable. I love the Lord and He loves me. And no matter what happens I will be victorious because God has already won. Amen and Amen!! May His word minister to all your broken places…




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