Disappointment is never fun

Have you ever secretly wanted something so bad but no one knew it and then what you wanted was gone before you could even admit that you wanted it? I just told my brother the other day, “well a closed mouth doesn’t get fed!!” And now that’s all I can do is just sit here and kick myself for not stepping forward when the opportunity first arose. So now here I sit, disappointed and mad at myself on the verge of tears because my soul took a blow I wasn’t expecting. Even though disappointment is never fun, when you give it to God He makes all things new! With that unexpected blow motives were revealed, plans were released, freedoms were secured and waiting for the next answer began. God is sovereign, He knows everything and is in control of everything and sometimes you just need to sit back and trust Him through the disappointment knowing full well that He has a plan in it. Amen and Amen!

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