Praise Report

I don’t have much time but I wanted to come and declare how good my God is and just share with you how He has been moving in my life. As you all know by my previous mentions I am in a school again for the first time as a full-time student and I have been struggling to maintain the balance between life responsibilities and school work.

So anyway enough about me and my struggles… My day started off with some great Jesus time. He really spoke to me about his love and his provision. How He’s always near us always with us through everything. He was really speaking to me about trusting Him. So I go off to my class very mellow and relaxed and found out that we have two class assignment having to deal with blogs!! Now I know this doesn’t seem like such a big deal but my Abba Father knows how much I enjoy blogs and blogging! And I was so overjoyed I could hardly contain it!! He cares about even the smallest of details and that’s a great feeling…

Then I went to another class where we had a pop quiz that of course I didn’t study for. But I had just did the reading the night before. So I prayed and asked Jesus to help me with the answers and to help me recall the info that I had read and I made my first 100!! Now let me tell you, in this particular class I have always missed one question and I studied so for me to get all of the questions right was a mini- miracle not to mention the teacher always calls out your name if you get all correct answers kind of like a hall of fame so I was super stoked!! So there you have it, two small examples that made a huge impact on my life all because I spent time with and trusted Jesus!! He continues to show up and I am so glad He does!

One thought on “Praise Report

  1. Hi There, My name is Angie TOlpin and I am the author of Redeeming Childbirth. I am stopping by because I saw your comment on Passionate Homemaking about desiring a copy. i would love to connect with you further about perhaps being apart of our PR team, which would get you a free ecopy of the book!

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    God Bless

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