Are There Birthdays In Heaven?


Today is the 8th Birthday of my God-child Cylis aka my baby Cy!!! He passed away many years ago… and although today was a sad reminder that he’s no longer here on earth it made me wonder if there were birthdays in heaven. I guess I was just wondering what Cy would look like and wondering about how tall he would have been and how he would have liked his hair to be… would he have worn it long or short… and I guess I was just hoping that one day when I get there I’d get to see him at the age he would have been… or at least be able to see recaps of what he looked like and the things he did at every age… like a yearbook for all the years he was in heaven before us. So tonight as I get ready for bed I find myself hoping and wishing and thinking about all the things that Cylis would have been doing but I also am saying Happy Birthday baby Cy!! I love you so much and I’ll see you one day!!

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