School Changes Everything/Happy Birthday Mom

Before I go on my rant I do want to acknowledge that today is in fact my mother’s birthday!! She turned 50 today and I wasn’t even there. It saddens me to no end that I couldn’t be there for her big day. But I am happy that when I talked to her I didn’t cry like I am starting to do right now. These miles apart are still hard after all these years. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I’m always gonna miss my mom especially on her birthday!!! Happy Birthday mom, thanks for always being my biggest fan, for always believing in me, and telling me how proud you are of me… I am so proud to be your daughter and I promise that when school gets tough I’ll call you for a pick-me-up.

See that’s the thing, my mom has always wanted me to go to school and get my college degree… I was the first in my family to graduate high school so going to college was a big deal… although my cousin Nichole whom I adore has graduated from college twice over (she just received her Master’s degree last April) I would be the first of her children to go to college and complete my degree. I use to want to be a teacher… then I took a break; a long break and decided to return to school to study public relations. So I am currently in my first semester of my junior year… so far so good. But I realized that school changes everything. I can’t just go out of town whenever I want to or sleep whenever I want or travel miles and miles away just to tell my mom Happy Birthday! I have to make school a priority if I want to succeed.

I can’t say that I’m going to school only for me. Because although I finally have decided that I want to go to school for me I want it now more than ever before for my mom. Just to see her face of pure joy and delight as I walk across that stage… I already know she’s gonna cry because she’ll be proud of me; because she is proud of me regardless, and if I can’t be there for her birthday this year or next year I better make it count and give her a diploma as her gift… so here’s to making sure my mom get’s a great birthday present. School you’re going down, one paper, one quiz, one assignment and one semester at a time!!

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