My Week Recap

This week has been full of love and people and lots of studying I started off by winning a natural hair contest for a discount on any hair service by an awesome friend who does great work… (the picture that is below is one of her creations) then I went to a wonderful dance and music performance put on by some of the APSU faculty, it was so beautiful and it was a great inexpensive (FREE) date night with the hubs, we even dressed up a bit!! I had the chance to visit with some friends and spend time with them. I was on campus, I studied, and spent time with family… today we actually had family breakfast (we open our house every first Saturday of the month to our family and friends and we all have a potluck style breakfast but instead of cooking before you come we cook while you’re here) it was so much fun and then we went to watch our nephew which was probably the highlight of my week because seeing my husband play with his little nephew is so cute!! He is so careful yet rough it’s a great picture of what it will be like when we have our own children. I hope your week was great and I hope that your coming week is full of family and friends and a whole bunch of unexpected blessings!!














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