Thanks For The Encouragment!

Today was a pretty good day until I went into my biology lab and my world came crashing down… not only did my professor have a lab coat on but he intended to make us actually do a lab today… did I mention that it was the first day we had that lab? Well it was and I wasn’t ready to actually do work let alone feel stupid for doing it…

I mean the situation wasn’t that big of a deal but I still felt like bursting into tears right there in the lab… after I made it through and expressed my less than stellar performance on Facebook I was then greeted by warm words of encouragement telling me things like the ones who stay the longest become smarter and saying things like it’s okay if I needed help because that’s what the professors are there for… I even got a text from my cousin and she kindly rebuked me for saying such negative things about myself (I called myself stupid) and she reminded me that at least I didn’t give up or half step the process and that I should be proud of myself for not giving up…

So here I am feeling much better and oh so grateful to have people in my life that can remind me of all the things I need to hear. To those who have encouraged me thus far; Thank You!!! Everyone please continue to pick me up when I need to be picked up and please pray for me because this school thing is hard work!!

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