School Was A Success!

So today I started my official first day of my junior year at Austin Peay State University!!! Besides the fact that I already have a quiz to study for and an assignment to work on I am super stoked! I did arrive an hour and half early because I caught a ride with the hubs, which was a good thing because it gave me time to scout out my classes which I failed to do earlier because of the weather. I even ate breakfast because I told my mom I would… and someone told me that I was all swagged out today (which means my outfit was cute) I ended up wearing my natural hair in a puff and and a pomp. It was easy and I felt cute… I had fun in my classes and look forward to what the year will bring!! All in all today was a huge success!! Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and sent encouraging texts to me and showed me love while I was on campus… I greatly appreciate all the love that was shown to me… now to do it all again tomorrow!!


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