Thankful For Modern Conveniences

This whole month I have realized that I use modern conveniences every day, in one way or another… and today I am thankful for them all! I have been struggling for the last couple of days to get internet hooked up at the house but luckily for me there is a great coffee shop near my house… of course close in Tennessee doesn’t always mean within walking distance, which makes me extra thankful to have a car that I can drive that brings me to this place of refuge. Here I have internet, as well as yummy coffee treats that I don’t have to attempt to make at home.

I am also thankful for things like heat and air, there is heat in my car that didn’t get used until a few days ago but it was there… and it also has air that has been used a lot. And there is both heat and air as well as in house laundry capabilities at my house all of which I am thankful for. Modern conveniences really do make my life a whole lot easier and for that I am truly grateful because I couldn’t imagine traveling from Miami to Clarksville by way of horse and buggy or worse; by foot!! How about you? What are some modern conveniences you enjoy?

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