I Am Thankful For A God Who Believes In Me!

Today I am overwhelmed by how much my God believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself!! I am currently working retail at Old Navy and there is nothing wrong with that; I actually enjoy what I do! It’s just that I was a cashier right out of high school for a few months so my experience in the retail industry was quite low. So going into it I already knew that I was behind the curve.

Luckily I have been blessed with really awesome managers who teach you in such a way that you don’t feel inadequate you feel like you’re learning. They each have a different flare but it all ends well! I say that to say that I know that I’ve learned so much and am quite competent on the register and other areas of the store but I still felt like my mistakes overshadowed all of the things I was learning…

That is until now… Today I found out that my bosses have actually seen what I have been doing right and what I am capable of and they were considering me for a promotion to manager!! The only reason I didn’t get it was because of the seniority of a fellow co-worker (who is super wonderful and doing a great job)!

Can you believe that??? Me, considered for a managers position; the girl who had to learn everything and ask tons of questions and is still a little slower than other cashiers on the register… It’s still hard for me to fathom but I know that God believes in me and He says I can do it even when I don’t believe I can! He is my biggest cheer leader and He always wants to see me succeed! I know it’s because of Him that I am doing so well so to have other’s notice means so much more.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but to me it just lets me know that I can in fact do anything! The bigger the better because not only is my God able to do it, but He believes I can do it and knowing that gives me the confidence I need to walk into what He has for me!

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