Thankful for In-House Laundry

Today I am most thankful for being able to have in house laundry capabilities for most of my adult life! We just moved so we have to go to the local laundromat to do our laundry. When me and my siblings were growing up we always had to go to the laundromat to do our laundry… As a family it became great time spent together. My mom and us kids came to enjoy our laundry days.

Back then we had systems, we had plans and blueprints, we knew which machines worked best and which dryers were quarter eaters… We had snacks, books and word search puzzles. We made up games and played tag to pass the time until our loads were done so we wouldn’t be those people you know those who don’t get the concept of a public space and thereby hog the machines (and thereby get their belongings tossed on top of the machine now occupied by someone else)… Yeah we had everything all mapped out…

But today as I sit in the laundromat with a cup full of quarters trying to figure out where the detergent goes in the front loading machine, hungry and a tad bit bored… I am ever so grateful that I’ve been blessed enough not to have to go through this for many of my adult years and will be so much more thankful when I’m in a position to have in house laundry capabilities again! But until then I’ll definitely be coming up with a game plan for next time…





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