Launch Day Was A Success!

Yesterday was our official first service as a church and although it was a long hard road to get to this point it, it was a success!

The team rallied together to unload all of the equipment and set up the space to look its best. It was such a hectic day I wanted to take tons of pictures to remember it but with all the work that needed to be done, I only got a few.

I guess the most important part was that we (me and my husband along with our Pastor and his family) got the chance to see everything come together. It was surreal yet so exciting at the same time to see everything that we worked towards for the last year come to pass.

It’s just gonna get better and better from here! We saw a lot of new faces and I am sure that God touched each person in a special way. God has a plan for the city of Miami and we’re honored to be apart of fulfilling it through Bridge Church!

To all those who were praying for us THANK YOU! We definitely couldn’t have made it this far without your prayers! Please continue to pray for the people of Miami, that there hearts would be opened to hearing the gospel and thereby transforming their lives and the lives of those around them.

William setting out the signs before the service.

Goty welcoming everyone to our first official service as Bridge Church!

William speaking on Tithes and Offerings. I love that man!

Pastor Fikri preaching on Vision the first part of our Winning in Life series!

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