Sometimes You Just Need To Pick Up The Phone And Call Somebody!

It’s true! In the age of modern technology with social media it can get hard to stop writing your thoughts and conversations and actually pick up a phone and call someone. But when you do it’s most refreshing to your soul! I just did it! Like right now and just hearing my friend’s voice which I haven’t actually heard in about six months brought tears to my eyes. Hearing her voice just reminded me that I actually do have friends and they actually love me enough to talk to me on the phone… even if it was only for a few minutes.

I communicate via Facebook and email quite often but I am going to make it a habit of picking up the phone and calling people more often and telling them how much I love and miss them, even if I have to leave a voice-mail; just so they can hear my voice and know that I was thinking about them! Hopefully you are doing a better job of calling people than I am but if you are like me and rely heavily on written communication may I kindly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and pick up the phone and call someone you’re missing, or just someone you haven’t actually talked to in a while. I’m sure you’ll be blessed by it and so will the person on the other line.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need To Pick Up The Phone And Call Somebody!

  1. I love the point that you have made here. Social media is the furutre of communications, and makes people very easy to get in touch with. I believe social media is such a great and growing idea. That being said I personally agree with the fact that people shouldnt lose sight of what used to be so precious, a simple “Hello” over the telephone. Social media does make connections easy, but often the lines can be crossed in the points you are trying to make. The phone call can be sentimental, and worth a lot more then typing someone something. I enjoyed reading your post and thinking about who I can call next!

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